About the Author


My career as a writer started in retail advertising at a weekly newspaper, where I dazzled the reading public with such literary treasures as, “Avocados, 4 for $1.” After a year of that, in search of a better outlet for my creative talent, I went to work for Freightliner Corporation, to assist in writing their service manual.  

My success as a technical writer took me into the dental equipment business, where I created an award-winning service manual for Adec, in Newberg, Oregon. This led to my promotion into the marketing department, where I was put in charge of corporate advertising.  

While it is true that you can say a lot more about saliva ejectors than you can about avocados, after ten years I’d pretty well exhausted the subject, so I went out and bought a whitewater rafting company and became an outfitter and river guide. 

Eventually, I returned to the corporate world, where I owned a printing business, and then managed the graphic services group for the Oregon Department of Transportation, before joining my wife in real estate.

But during the Great Recession, when people could neither afford to keep their homes nor sell them, I found myself with time enough to do something I’d always wanted to do: write a novel. My entire career has been built upon my ability to put words on paper, so the transition to writing of a work of fiction is not exactly a quantum leap. 

Corrigan Mystery Novels take place along the banks of the Willamette River, where my wife and I live. Life on the riverfront provides an endless fabric of events and personalities for the backdrop to my novels.